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    Credit card machine

     Credit card machine
    Scope of application:
    Suitable for all kinds of CARDS (paper, plastic, etc.) stickers, puzzles (paper, wood, plastic, etc.), playing CARDS and other products of distributed applications.
    Technical specifications:
    Model Model - FK - 30
    Production capacity in single fastest 500 pieces per minute
    Card issued by the requirement of long size range of 45-150
    Wide 35-150
    Thickness: the thickness of the paper is not less than 150 grams
    Total power General powel 900 w
    Power supply Power supply type 220 v, 50 hz
    Oad outer dimensions (MM) host: 500 500 long and 500 wide
    Control box: 350 550 long and 350 wide
    The weight of total weight (kg) 35 kg
    Application of the product case:

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